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Video Vault Friday: 80s commercials

February 26, 2010

You know who my favorite YouTube user is? The guy behind 80s Commercial Vault.  He compiled basically every commercial ever aired in the 1980s (and quite a few from the 90s) into a collection of over 120 videos.  Watching the videos, though I haven’t even gotten through half of them yet, has been a pastel colored, lite rock, incredibly Caucasian drug trip through time.  Seriously, at what point did they finally start putting African-Americans in mainstream commercials? I’m guessing sometimes around the late 80s, around the time that Yo! MTV Raps debuted.

This collection was recorded during a showing of 70s action flick The Deep, aired on February 10, 1980, when Yr. Correspondent was seven years old and some of you reading this were barely a gleam in your daddies’ eyes.  Perhaps the most amusing thing is noting how many of the products, such as Trident, Contac, Mrs. Butterworth’s, Noxzema and Top Ramen are still around, though I’m pretty sure Contac cold capsules don’t contain those cool little colored beads anymore, if they ever did in the first place.  Gone but mostly forgotten: the AMC Eagle (not to mention AMC itself) and Olympia Beer.  On a timely note, it also features a promo for the Lake Placid Olympics, with the awesomely named Tai Babilonia.

I could be lazy and just keep posting these every week for the next two and a half years.

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