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Gena Radcliffe has been hacking away at a would-be writing career since she was high school, bouncing from playwright to novelist to amateur political pundit to pithy, cynical social and pop culture commentator, where she feels most comfortable.  Once described as “Lewis Black with different plumbing,” she can also be accurately described as “Chuck Klosterman with breasts,” “Nathan Rabin but a chick” and “David Sedaris, only straight and female.”  She apparently does not resemble any female writers in any way.  Born in New Jersey, where there’s always something that smells funny, she now lives in New York.  She enjoys Thai food, walks in the rain and men who aren’t afraid to cry.

Charles Lieberman is Gena’s aspiring-writer boyfriend.  He likes the Marx Brothers, New York City, and Magner’s.  He finds writing about himself to be a Herculean task.

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